Cameroon:Anglophone teachers slam Biya over GCE Board reorganistion

The various teachers' trade union of the Anglophon sub system of education in Cameroon have frown at the recent decree…

The various teachers’ trade union of the Anglophon sub system of education in Cameroon have frown at the recent decree of the Head of State reorganising the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board.

In a memorandum addressed to the Head of State and signed by the various leaders of the five teachers’ trade union, Paul Biya has been asked to review his decision which could be seen as a dissolution of the Anglophone sub system of education.

The teachers say the new text reorganising the GCE Board does not take into consideration the April 1998 Law in Cameroon which lays down  guidelines for education in Cameroon and took into considderation the historical reality of the country which provided for two-sub systems of education. Ignoring that law in the recent text is grossly abusive to the Anglophone system of education, the teachers said.

The teachers also say the fact that the board has been charged with organising not only GCE Examinations but the Advance Professional Certificate, a change of name of the structure would have been suitbale. They went further to proposed the board be called The Cameroon Anglophone Examination Board or simply the Cameroon Examination Board.

The nexw text signed recently did not give room for the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea amongst the Board of Directors while Parents and Teachers’ jrepresentatives are eaqually sidelined. The trade unions think it is an unfair decision aimed at making athe GCE Board a political structure with the inclusion of more politicians than technicians in the runnin of its affairs.

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