Cameroon: Youth Affairs Minister communes with ex fighters at Bamenda DDR centre

Ex -combatants of the Bamenda DDR centre have been reassured of Government's  good intension to make life better for them…

Ex -combatants of the Bamenda DDR centre have been reassured of Government’s  good intension to make life better for them during and after their stay at the  centre.

This was reiterated by the Minister of  Youth Affairs and Civic Education Mounouna Foutso while in Bamenda to hand  over installation materials to young beneficiaries of the three year Special Youth plan ,as well as Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament kits to decentralized officials of MINJEC on November 14, 2020.
While at the Bamenda DDR centre, the Minister saluted the ex-fighters who  have chosen the right path to make  their lives useful. He encouraged the youths whom  according to him have  listened to the  Call of the Head of State to drop their arms and join in nation building. Minister Mounouna told  them that their  stay at the DDR centre is to prepare them for  reintergration and as  soon as their  projects are mature, they will be reintegrated.
It was an opportunity for the minister to inaugurate a huge poultry farm at the centre finance by the three year  Special Youth Plan, under the supervision of  the National Civic service Agency for participation  in Development aimed at empowering these youth in the sector of Poultry farming.
The ex-combants jumped for joy in song and dance in gratitude.While Echu Emmanuel who is the Senior prefect of the Centre pleaded forgiveness from the society. He  acknowledged the fact that they  committed  atrocities while carrying arms.Adding that they cannot thank the state enough  for the love they have shown and continues to show them.
On his part, the Regional coordinator of the Centre, Gabsa Sixtus lauded the Minister and other people of Goodwill for showing love to the  ex-combants.He said since it’s creation on December 2018, the Centre is a peace building and  has received 220 ex -fighters.Adding that 32 have  been reintergrated into a parastetal.
He said  they are working hard to transform the mindset of the children from a more aggressive one to a tolerant mindset.The children are counseled both psychologically and spiritually.He added that apart from taking good care of their health, they are engaged in Agric and entrepreneurial rearmament which ties with the mission of MINJEC.The coordinator expressed need for more technical experts in the field of Poultry farming to enable them stand tall in this domain. He however called on  the children still in the bushes to drop their arms and join their peers at the centre  to benefit from this largesse.
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