Cameroon: Yaounde V community gets water boost

The residents of Ngon, a locality in the Yaounde V municipality now have a new water station to quench their…

The residents of Ngon, a locality in the Yaounde V municipality now have a new water station to quench their thirst.

The water station was launched on Monday, March 29 in the local population, presence of authorities of the Yaounde V Council, traditional rulers, administrative authorities, parliamentarians and the executing partners.

The water station which is a donation of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF comes at a time the locality has been facing serious water crisis.

“Our children have been trekking long distances to potable water and many of them equally sick at times because of the quality of water they drink which is usually not hygienic. We are happy with this gift and hope our water problems have been completely solved,” Evariste Ondo, a resident of Ngona said.

Built with funding from the EDF Foundation through UNICEF, the water station is powered by photovoltaic solar energy, making it possible to purify up to 80,000 liters of water in a single day and supply a distribution network of six taps.

“My population now has a source of clean drinking water for consumption. Also at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the inhabitants of this locality will have easy access to hand washing which is one of the barrier measures against this disease,” the community leader of Ngona said.

On his part, the Resident Representative of UNICEF, Jacques Boyer hoped the donation will massively improve on the living conditions of the local population.

“The construction of this autonomous water station is in line with Sustainable Development Goal no 6; to guarantee access for all to water supply and sanitation services managed in a sustainable manner. I therefore hope that its realization will be the start of a vast movement which will make it possible to sustainably improve the living conditions of the populations of the Yaoundé 5 sub division, under the impetus of the municipal authorities,” Jacques Boyer, the UNICEF Representative in Cameroon underscored.