Cameroon: Virtuous Women Presidential Debate,Comedy show

Aunty Felicia, Caro and Dorcas were the contestants who presented their roadmap if elected into office as President. It was…

presidential debate

Aunty Felicia, Caro and Dorcas were the contestants who presented their roadmap if elected into office as President.

It was the USA-like Presidential Debate where Aunty Felicia, Caro and Dorcas vying for the post of President of Virtuous Women Association, a virtual association, advanced reasons why their electors /audience should vote them.

The Presidential Debate was moderated by Richard the Mentor. Fonyuy Michael was the time keeper. The debate was divided into two parts with five questions per segment.

Each of the questions was answered by the three contestants on the same time allocation.

When the moderator Richard launched the Virtuous Women Presidential Debate by setting the rules, Aunty Felicia immediately gave him countless bank notes. Caro stepped in with a bottle of beer and Dorcas gave him food.

This set the moderator into confusion. The large number of audience that turned out at the Buea Mountain Hotel Night Club on March 27, 2022, were falling off their seats with laughter. While taking bribe, the moderator insisted that he cannot be corrupted.

Richard who drank to stupor as he moderated the debate from time to time went out of control and was calmed down by Fonyuy Michael, the time keeper.

Likewise Fonyuy persistently blew his whistle annoyingly and Richard had a great deal bringing him back to order. The competitors made mockery of each other’s marital status.

They each did a presentation on why they are the best candidate for the job. Once best friends, they talked insultingly how gossip separated them with each pointing a finger to the other to have been at the genesis.

They presented their vision of how the virtuous women union shall be when they are at the helm. They defended with passion that their loincloth should be retained for the uniform. The high point of the debate was during the dancing competition.

Concluding the episode, Grand Lorenzo admidst thunderous applauses and shouts appeared with the results of debate and handed to the moderator .

A Fun scene it was as spectators gigled and laughed all through . Richard the moderator insists he can not be corrupts to favor a winner . He then collects all items including his wife and rushed towards a door leading outside as he announces the results has being postponed .