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Cameroon: University of Yaounde II sets up research body

The University of Yaounde II has set up and inaugurated its "Health and globalization, Standards, politics, market" research chair. The…

The University of Yaounde II has set up and inaugurated its “Health and globalization, Standards, politics, market” research chair.

The research chair was launched on Friday, May 28 at the campus of the institution by the Rector, Professor Adolphe Minkoa She.

The Head of the research chair, Professor Germain Ntono Tsimi was also installed into his functions during a ceremony which was closely followed by other partners through a videoconference.

Launching the research chair, the Rector of the University of Yaounde II said it marks an important step in the achievement of their objectives in making the institution a “Technopole of Social Sciences” in Africa.

Set up at the University of Yaoundé II by an agreement signed on February 16, 2021, the research chair is consistent with the national strategy for the socio-economic emergence of Cameroon by 2035 and falls in line with government directives therein.

The Rector of the University of Yaounde II affirmed during that he has engaged “the University of Yaoundé II in a process of evolution whose end is its transformation into a social sciences hub”.

«Through this research chair, we want to make the University of Yaounde II a high place of research, a high place of reflection, a high place of scientific animation in the emerging fields of knowledge and university research,” Professor Minkoa She said.

In addition to promoting emerging disciplines and knowledge, the research chair of the University of Yaounde II will equally serve as an interface between academia and the socio-economic world.

According to the Rector, it will thus favour the transmission of knowledge, the promotion of research, since it will have to strengthen the link between teaching, research and application. In doing so, it covers the various disciplinary fields of the University of Yaoundé II; law, political science, economics, management, international relations, communication sciences, demography.

Under the combined look of these different areas of knowledge, and from a resolutely trans-disciplinary perspective suggested by its very title, the Chair will work on four major thematic axes: health solidarity, health security, drug governance and standardization and promotion of local forms of therapy, which is also referred to as traditional medicine.

The second series of activities corresponds to scientific animation in various formats carried by the Chair or in participation with the Chair, notably symposia, conferences, seminars, and other research workshops. The third series of activities are the teachings carried out by the Chair. Finally, the fourth series of activities is doctoral animation, i.e. participation in the life of the Doctoral School of the University of Yaoundé II, the Chair having for this purpose a work room dedicated to doctoral students.

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