Cameroon: Two years on, Camtel GM Judith Yah Sunday is proving President Biya right!

When Judith Yah Sunday Achidi arrived her office on Monday, December 14, the air and atmosphere felt special- not like…

When Judith Yah Sunday Achidi arrived her office on Monday, December 14, the air and atmosphere felt special- not like any other day at the office.

She had not been at the office for the past weeks as she had been on an elastic working mission at other regional branches of the Cameroon Telecommunications to ensure they are in conformity with the company’s goal and vision.

Thus it felt so special this Monday touching base after these fruitful and productive weeks to the other regions. However, it was even more special when you factor in the fact that Madam Judith Yah Sunday Achidi was clocking exactly two years in office as General Manager of the Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation, CAMTEL.

It was exactly on December 14, 2018 that the Head of State, Paul Biya signed the decree appointing appointing Madame Judith Yah Sunday as the first ever woman at the helm of the corporation. It was never heard of and the jury was alreay out even before she embarked on her mission. Two years on, she is proving her doubters wrong and showing why the wisdom in the Head of State’s pen inked her name on that decree that fateful Friday, December 14, 2018.

Beyond the euphoria and talking points that followed her appointment, Judith Yah Sunday knew the Head of State had put his trust on her to restructure this corporation, make it performant and remain the best in the Central African sub region and why not in Africa.

She immediately set out for work with a new vision centred around Change Management and Customer Centricity which has given CAMTEL a new dimension in their operations.

Cameroon is set to host the rest of the continent in just under four weeks as the African Nations Championship offically kicks off. CAMTEL’s GM just rounded off a tour of some of the sites to ensure the the telephone lines, internet and other accessories are ready ahead of the competition.

This is just one of the republican duties that Camtel is accomplishing under the stewardship of Judith Yah Sunday. The corporation equally accompanied the state in successfully organising the Major National Dialogue, the Chantal Biya Cycling Tour has been at its all time best these past two years in terms of organisation thanks to a fruitful partnership from the Cameroon Telecommunications.

Judith Yah Sunday is strategically implementing the Head of State’s vision to make Cameroon a digital power house in the Central African after recently renovating the country’s first satellite telecommunications centre built in 1975 in Zamengoe village-Centre region into an ultra-modern data Centre.

CAMTEL under Judith Yah Sunday’s stewardship is equally a full support to digital learning with the signing of a partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education to boost the quality and speed of internet provided to all state universities and the the Congo-Cameroon Inter-State University from 263 megabits per second at FCFA 552 million to 9333 megabits per second at FCFA 1 075 billion.

Under the same partnership, all these universities will be interconnected with the creation of digital centres to enhance e-learning and collaboration among institutions of higher learning. Most state universities have been presenting their five-year strategic development plan in the past months and these digital centres are imortant components in their plans.

Another achievement in Judith Yah Sunday’s glowing management is the granting of three concession agreements authorising CAMTEL   to establish and operate a mobile electronic communications network with national coverage, operate a fixed electronic communications network with national coverage open to the public by wire line access and to operate an electronic communications network, including submarine cable landing stations and teleports to satellite networks.

In compliance with her vision of Change Management, Judith Yah Sunday has streamlimed internal administration, reorganised the organisational chart and cut down on unnecessary spending which has not only helped the corporation save financial resources but boost productivity.

All the other branches of the Cameroon Telecommunications are waxing strong and have put behind them their past financial woes. Today, has even expanded operations to Ngaoundal, Adamawa Region with the inauguration of a new branch last September to meet up to the aspiration of its customers in that part of the country.

In just two years, the road covered in bringing CAMTEL closer to its customers has been massive but Judith Yah Sunday Achidi knows that to whom much is given, much is expected, and the Head of State is certainly counting on her more than ever to countninue steering the ship so safe shores.