Cameroon : Taxation Boss, Employers Discuss New Tax Guidelines for 2023

General Director of Taxes Modeste Mopa met with economic operators as a prelude to the preparation of the 2023 finance…

General Director of Taxes Modeste Mopa met with economic operators as a prelude to the preparation of the 2023 finance law. The meeting between the DGT and Gicam also aims to calm relations between the two entities.

Relations between economic operators and the Directorate General of Taxe should warm up in the near future. This is at least the will expressed by the GDT, on a five-day working mission in Douala. Led by its CEO, Modeste Mopa Fatoing, thedelegation met yesterday with over 600 taxpayers and tax stakeholders. Modeste Mopa Fatoing met with members of the Groupement inter patronal du Cameroun (Gicam), the largest employers’ association in Cameroon

It is incumbent on us to reflect on the necessary adjustments to be made to our tax system to enable it to face the many challenges, including those related to the impact of the security crisis, as well as the consequences of the health and Ukrainian crises,” the General Director  of Taxes said yesterday at the opening ceremony of the consultation mission with the private sector.

It is also a question of asking you to share the difficulties encountered in the application of the tax legislation in force and the fruit of your reflections for the improvement of our tax system. Our objective during this week will therefore be to listen to you and to be attentive to your grievances and requests,” adds Modeste Mopa Fatoing.

This meeting is being held in a tense economic context, marked by fiscal pressure and inflation that companies are struggling to resist. It will therefore be a question for the two entities to evaluate “the application of the fiscal measures of the last Finance Law and to prepare the one to come, including local taxation”.

Célestin Tawamba, president of Gicam indicates that the involvement of the members of the employers’ association in these exchanges “will undoubtedly allow us to find together ways of finding solutions to commit ourselves in the long term to a taxation system that is more conducive to the development of businesses.