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Cameroon: St.Bede’s College Reopens After 5 years Shutdown

After sharing a campus with  St. Paul Comprehensive college for the past years due to the anglophone crisis , Sabeco…


After sharing a campus with  St. Paul Comprehensive college for the past years due to the anglophone crisis , Sabeco returns to Kom land , to mold its students in the midst of the white and blue stoned buildings.

The anglophone crisis which started 5 years ago caused some Catholic institutions to shut its doors in some localities . Education being the most affected saw St bede’s college buried under the clouds.

The core factor which accelerated this retreat was the kidnapping of school principal Fr. William Neba during a 5 AM morning mass in 2018.

The resumption of Classes in St . Bede’s college is a possible start for peace and tranquility to reign in the NorthWest region of Cameroon , reveals a source .

Nevertheless , during the resumption of the 2021-2022 school year, there was celebration across Boyo division as there were heightened preparations for classes to resume again at the St Bedes College after the college was forced to close because of insecurity.

When the year kickstarted , His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea announced that on the request of the Christians of the parish, there are near hopes they will have the opportunity to educate their children.

I have written to the regional delegate of secondary education to permit us operate “campus B” of St Bedes College Ashing in St Charles Borromeo’s Parish, Fuanantui. Both schools will be administered by the administration of campus A at Ashing. This will help our children as we already have authorization to open and run with GCE centre in St Beds College Ashing,” he said.

This implies St. Bede’s students have a campus in Njinikom meanwhile others settled in Ashing Kom for this Acdemic year .

This decision remains temporal as the upcoming academic year will regroup all the blues on one Campus . An answered prayers for many.

True there is a drastic reduction of students population , one can call them pioneers. The school campus still reflects its beauty despite the few changes caused by long time abandonment . Sabeco remains the city in the Belo Valley , ready to mold all sons and daughters of Cameroon.