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Cameroon Soldiers Admit Killing 9 Civilians In Menchum

The act was carried out by soldiers of the ''Bravo'' joint Unit, under the command of the 53rd Motorised Infantry…


The act was carried out by soldiers of the ”Bravo” joint Unit, under the command of the 53rd Motorised Infantry Battalion,detached to the Abar Advanced Post.

According to a statement released by Navy Captain, Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge, military spokesperson,the detachment of soldiers were on a search mission for a missing comrade when the unfortunate incident occured.

” Four of the seven elements of the Defence and Security Forces of the Bravo Joint,detached to the Abar Advanced Post, and returning from a patrol, were immediately redeployed to Missong village, on a mission to search for a missing comrade”

He reports that in the middle of the night during the hunt, the latter ran into a group of deviant villagers. In an inappropriate reaction, unsuited to the circumstances and grossly dispropostances and grossly disproportionate to the hostile villagers.

In refusal to cooperate, and fearing thr worst for themselves and their missing comrade,the soldiers in a hasty reaction of self protection and in defiance of sacrosanct principle of precaution,used their weapons. A narration supported by Captain Atonfack.

This led to the death of nine villagers, including four women, four men and an 18 years old girl.

The four soldiers from the Abar Advanced Post involved in the incident, are said to have been demobilised, withdrawn from the area and placed under arrest by the Bamenda Gendarmerie Company.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the arrest and detention of the four soldiers is part of conservatorymeasure taken. ” The investigation immediately opened by the local administrative and judicial authorities, and the defence and security forces, will shed more light on and establish responsibilities for this incident.

In the meantime Captain Atonfack indicated that the Minister Delegate at the Defence, has expressed deep regrets for the unfortunate incident and extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.


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