Cameroon: SODEPA assures consumers of quality beef in 2020

The Livesstock Development and Husbandry Corporation, SODEPA has reassured consumers of a constant supply meat and improved quality of its…

The Livesstock Development and Husbandry Corporation, SODEPA has reassured consumers of a constant supply meat and improved quality of its products in 2020.

The assurances were given by the General Manager of SODEPA Denis Koulagna Koutou on Friday, March 13 while receiving New Year Wishes from staff of the corporation as well as other partners involved in livestock keeping.

The Director General said 2020 will be a decisive year for the effective take off of SODEPA, outlining some of the major objectives ; notably improve on quality and increase service offers at slaughter houses, warehouses and butcheries. SODEPA will also engage in mass production of fodder and animal feed, supervise and monitor livestock to reduce and avoid losses, put in place a strategy for the maintenance of production tools in slaughterhouses, warehouse and butcheries, the Director General said.

« Our main challenge for 2020 will be to make sure that Cameroonians have access to enough and quality meat in a good and hygienic conditionand also we belive we will continue to support some of the stakeholders like the herdsmen, the butchers so that they can put forth quality products for the benefit of the population, » Denis Koulagna Koutou said.

To meet up with these set goals and objectives, he called on the staff of SODEPA to be united and assiduous in their job as they have always been.

Government’s support to livestock

The Director General used the opportunity to stress government’s support in SODEPA’s mission to serve Cameroonians with quality livestock products. Under government’s three-year plan, huge financial support was surrendered by government to SODEPA signaling which show a will for an
innovative mechanism in the exploitation of animal production.

Government’s plans are to build modern slaughter houses across the country, equipped with suitable facilities and meet up with the required hygienic conditions in order to serve quality meat to the population, the Director General said.

The presentation of New Year Wishes was a culmination of a three-day workshop to review SODEPA’s five-year 2019-2023 strategy as well as its action plan.

The Director of Administration and Finance of SODEPA Wetjeng Désiré Magloire used the opportunity to review the corportaions activities for 2019 in which he said they generated over FCFA 2.1 billion as against FCFA 1.8 billion in 2018.

He added that the corporation attained its objectives in the development, production and sales of animal products, as well as training of personnel in livestock and a proper management of the corporation.