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Cameroon-Shisha: Government bans an addiction to many youths

Authorities have banned the smoking ofthis substance which has been proven to be a nuisance to the health. Shisha smoking…

Authorities have banned the smoking ofthis substance which has been proven to be a nuisance to the health.

Shisha smoking pipes abound in bars and private homes in Cameroon, but authorities say smoking poses a health risk to consumers and hence places an embargo on its sale .

No party or gathering seems to be complete without the presence of this commodity. According to the health ministry, about 46% of young Cameroonians smoke this substance – which is typically a mix of tobacco, molasses, glycerine and flavorings amongst other toxins.

There is a “misconception” that shishas are not as harmful as cigarettes, the British Heart Foundation says an hour-long shisha session can be the equivalent of smoking more than 100 cigarettes.

The WHO in its 2 015 advisory note made this fact even clearer. “All the studies to date indicate that, during a typical waterpipe use session, the user will draw large doses of toxicants (ranging from less than one to tens of cigarette equivalents).

These toxicants have been linked to addiction, heart and lung diseases, and cancer in cigarette smokers and can result in similar outcomes in waterpipe users if these toxicants are absorbed in the body in appreciable amounts,” the report stated.

The smoking of shisha tobacco is widespread in Africa and its regulation has become a burden to most African countries like Kenya and Sudan who keep revising their regulations. It has been 6 days since the banning of this substance. Some clubs , bars and other leisure spots are still in procession of it .

Arsel Njikap is a sales man in a restaurant at Biyem assi and says “ what we sell now are the remaining stock , the left overs more so a coal cube cost 5000 CFA francs but since the band was place we sell it at 3000 F CFA francs at times 2000 F CFA spans to liquidate everything”

Not far from him , is a customer Avom who is a regular consumer ” I’m not happy with thé government’s decision , shisha has been my way of having fun but I’ll try adapting”
In as much as consumers express unsatisfaction, others congratulate government for the bold step . “Finally a uslesss good is off the market , I hope the youths stay away from it now and focus on a good health” is a statement made by Claire Reine .

In a nutshell shisha , most citizens hope the band will respected and the government should not have to deal with smuggling goods of this type.