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Cameroon: She Sleeps Naked Between Her Son And Her Daughter-In-Law

Every night, after the couple has joined the marital bed, the husband's mother comes to sleep in their midst, very…

Every night, after the couple has joined the marital bed, the husband’s mother comes to sleep in their midst, very often in Adam and Eve outfits.

It is almost unbelievable. But, it is true. It takes place in Kumba in the South West region. This is an uncommon mother-in-law. The latter recently made it clear to her daughter-in-law that she cannot separate her from her son.
To illustrate her words, she decided to interfere in the life of the couple at all levels up to the marital bedroom. Faced with this issue, Ashu Delphine, the daughter-in-law, stood up to her husband and her in-laws for the two to leave the house of the mother-in-law and get an apartment. But, that was not enough.
Sometime after their move, the mother-in-law decided to join them. The problem arises when one evening, the mother-in-law leaves the room that has been prepared for her to come and sleep in her son’s bed. She will not go at the edge of the bed, but rather in the middle of the couple. Worse still, she does it in her underwear and sometimes in Adam and Eve’s outfit.
Disgusted by the repetition of this act, Ashu Delphine will complain to her husband. The latter retorts by saying that this is how he was raised as an only son. She explains, however, that she never caught her husband having sex with his mother but what surprises her the most is that she never realizes when her mother-in-law joins them in bed and only gets conscious of that when she wakes up in the morning.
Ashu goes further by pointing out responsibility on her spouse, “I woke up this morning and I found her again in our bed. I don’t know how she did it to find her way because I blocked the door the day before. I suspect my husband opened the door to let her in. I did not fail to raise my voice at her, asking her to leave my room so that I could enjoy my marriage and she told me that I cannot put myself in between her son and her.
The wife indicates that this behaviour of her mother-in-law goes so far as to create an umbrage to the intimacy of the couple, “we no longer manage to make love at night. During the day, my husband will invite me to his office,” says Ashu Delphine.
Source : The Guardian Post