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Cameroon: Security forces slammed over human rights violations

The United States government has slammed Cameroon's security forces over significant human rights violations in the country's English speaking regions. In…

The United States government has slammed Cameroon’s security forces over significant human rights violations in the country’s English speaking regions.

In it’s 2017 country report on human rights practices, the U.S. Department of State revealed the military, police and gendarmerie forces were using among others arbitrary killings, forced disappearances and prolonged military and unofficial detentions in the regions.

In its Executive Summary relating to the country, the report said: “The most significant human rights issues included: arbitrary and unlawful killings through excessive use of force by security forces; disappearances by security forces and Boko Haram.”

Going by the report, “torture and abuse by security forces including in military and unofficial detention facilities; prolonged arbitrary detentions including of suspected Boko Haram supporters and individuals in the Anglophone regions.”

It equally stated that; “harsh and life threatening prison conditions; violations of freedoms of expression and assembly; periodic government restrictions on access to the internet; trafficking in persons; criminalization and arrest of individuals engaged in consensual same-sex sexual conduct; and violations of workers’ rights.”

Meantime, Cameroonian authorities say re-militarizing the regions is needed to stem the tides of the already escalating crisis.

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