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Cameroon: Samuel Eto’o Denounces “Gov’t Obscure Forces”

The president of Fecafoot, while drawing up the balance sheet of his first six months on June 27, denounced the…


The president of Fecafoot, while drawing up the balance sheet of his first six months on June 27, denounced the blocking of funds allocated by the state to the body he leads.

The President of Fecafoot Samuel Eto’o has revealed that the state subsidy for professional football is still blocked by “some obscure forces”.

In his speech, Samuel Eto’o made a point of reviewing the situation of the subsidy granted by the state for the organization of professional championships of MTN Elite One and Mtn Elite Two. The envelope amounts to 560 million FCFA.

“On the instructions of the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who brought our grievances to the Head of State, the decision was taken to grant 560 million CFA francs to Fecafoot for the clubs,” reveals Samuel Eto’o.

Unfortunately, in the opinion of the president of the Cameroonian football governing body, this subsidy which should be redistributed to clubs has not yet arrived in the accounts of Fecafoot. For Samuel Eto’o, these funds are purely and simply blocked by ill-intentioned people “lurking in the shadows” who want to see him fail in his project to rebuild Cameroonian football.

As I speak to you, this money remains blocked by some dark forces lurking in the meanders of our senior administration. These people, who will recognize themselves, have vowed to derail our national football project, for reasons that I do not know the ins and outs,” said the president of Fecafoot.

A release that should calm the ardor of Pierre Semengue, the president of the Transitional Council of Professional Football. He who seized Samuel Eto’o on June 21 to ask him “to take immediate measures for the routing and transfer of the said subsidy, to the direct benefit of the Transitional Council of Cameroonian Football. The body that manages the championships of Mtn Elite One and Mtn Elite Two.

In addition, Samuel Eto’o made a strong announcement: “I am pleased to announce that I have obtained an agreement in principle for a loan of 9 billion CFA francs from a local bank. These funds will be used to finance the construction of local stadiums and to complete the headquarters building of the federation.”