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Cameroon-Russia Military Agreement: USA Expresses Dissatisfaction

The United States of America  is sulking at the Cameroonian government following the signing of a military agreement with Russia…

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The United States of America  is sulking at the Cameroonian government following the signing of a military agreement with Russia in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis on 12 April 2022.

Contrary to diplomatic practices which show that relations between Cameroon and the USA are currently at a good level, they are nevertheless suffering from some disturbances. Since the signing of the military agreement in Moscow between the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo and his Russian counterpart, General Serguei Choigou, the actions and speeches of the Americans vis-à-vis the Cameroonians, a faithful of the faithful of the French pre-square, are tinged with a hint of protest.

The Americans reacted on 15 April 2022, three days after the signing of the agreement, US President Joe Biden quietly granted 40,000 Cameroonian asylum seekers protected person status in the United States.

These people living in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and in California, made the request in the wake of the security crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

This advantage requested by the Haitian advocate Guerline M. Jozef, founder of the Cameroonian Advocacy Network, has long been denied to Paul Biya’s compatriots.

In the same vein, President Donald Trump’s former Undersecretary of State for African Affairs, former Deputy Chief of the American diplomatic mission in Yaoundé, Tibor P. Nagy, posted a tumultuous tweet on 20 April 2022.

The post was in support of the American retaliation against the Yaounde regime. “I can’t believe that the Cameroonian government has, in incredibly bad timing, signed a military agreement with Russia-at the height of the aggression in Ukraine. This is a sting in the eyes of the US and France, two countries whose help Cameroon may need in the future. But good for the Ambazonians!”

One can say Biya’s politics strategy is that of silence as , on reading the actions of the United States, Cameroon should not have entered into such an engagement with a state placed under air embargo by the European community.

If in his publication Tibor Nagy relies on the timing referring to the Ukrainian crisis to condemn the move, the Cameroonian government remain silent.

Some Cameroonians active on the social media are castigating the reaction of the Americans who, according to them, seem to want to impose the choice of partners on a sovereign state in a free and democratic world.

Moreover ,this is not the first time that Cameroon and Russia have signed such an agreement. On 15 April 2015, a first agreement was signed between the two partners, and this commitment did not provoke as many reactions as it does now. The content of the new agreement, however, does not bring much change to the old clauses.

With the signing of this agreement, Cameroon maintains its relations with Russia and those with other European partners. Paul Biya’s country is pursuing its diversification of global partners for its development.