Cameroon Renews Military Cooperation with Brazil

The operation was named "Sea lions on the move Brazil 2022" and was launched on 12 August in Douala.  …

The operation was named “Sea lions on the move Brazil 2022” and was launched on 12 August in Douala.


This operation consists of the Atlantic crossing of the “naval group consisting of patrol boats Cns La Sanaga and Cns Le Ntem for their participation in the commemorative festivities of the bicentenary of the independence of the Federative Republic of Brazil“, explains a communication from the National Navy.

As explained by Captain Francis Nganwa, commander of the surface forces, this operation “symbolises this new win-win partnership that we have with the Brazilian Navy, which is celebrating its bicentenary on 7 September. On this occasion, they have invited us to a naval review and a parade, which will culminate in a large-scale exercise called “Unitas”.

Cameroon and Brazil have a bilateral cooperation which was re-launched in April 2005 with the visit to Yaounde of former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva. Ties between the two countries include military cooperation, particularly in the field of the national navy. Several Brazilian warships have already been welcomed in Cameroonian ports. This is the case of the Brazilian frigate F-45 “UNIAO” which docked at the port of Kribi on Friday, July 15, 2022 for a routine stopover while participating in GUINEX 2 exercises in the Gulf of Guinea.

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