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Cameroon: Renewed hope for Wotutu community as Edwin Eselem Football Tourney draws curtains

Lions FC of Wotutu have won the first edition of the Edwin Eselem inaugural football tournament which seeks to bring…

Lions FC of Wotutu have won the first edition of the Edwin Eselem inaugural football tournament which seeks to bring hope in the Wotutu community, Bojongo Court Area, Fako Division-South West Region.

They won the tournament after defeating Sunshine FC 4-1 after post match penalties following a 1-1 tie over 120 minutes of football during the final played on Sunday, August 29 at the Catholic School Field in Wotutu.

The match was played infront of a huge crowd among them sponsors, donors and football fans as the Wotutu community came to life

The objective of the month-long tournament which saw the participation of 8 teams, was to bring a new lease of life to the Wotutu community of the Bonjongo Court Area.

Renewed Hope For Wotutu Village

Wotutu, a community that has also suffered the consequences of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions is gradually picking up its pieces as life returns to normal.

Wotutu FC emerged as champions of the tournament

One of such activities that has helped the community regain its boisterity is the Edwin Eselem Football tournament which was launched a month ago with eight teams taking part in the inaugural edition.

Beyond the will to give back to his community, Communications expert and brain behind the initiative, Edwin Eselem launched the tournament to keep the youth busy and enhance social cohesion among the inhabitants of the community.

Over four weeks later, he was at the Catholic School Field to see this dream come true as the community came out as one man to cheer the two finalists last Sunday, August 29.

Though Lions FC of Wotutu lifted the symbolic trophy of winners of the tournament, Edwin Eselem was keen to point out that the Wotutu community are the overall winners of the tournament for their show of spirit and unity.

“The biggest winner of the tournament is the Wotutu community,” Edwin Eselem said, as he hoped the successful completion of the tournament will provide a platform for greater things to come for the community.

While waiting, the community is still savouring the spectacle provided them by the youth through out the tournament with memories of last Sunday’s final still fresh.

To crown the tournament, Lions of Wotutu received their trophy and cash prize as champions while prizes were also handed out to the beaten finalists, Sunshine FC, to the Player of the Tournament and well as the Top Scorer.

With the support of the entire Wotutu community, the promoter, Edwin Eselem promised to make the tournament a permanent one and guests also promised to lend their support to the community.

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