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Cameroon-CPDM: Party Disciplinary Committee, Messanga Nyamding pleads not guilty

He was summoned to appear before the Disciplinary Commission of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement CDPM for indiscipline, but the…


He was summoned to appear before the Disciplinary Commission of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement CDPM for indiscipline, but the professor denied the charges against him.

Nine members of the  disciplinary committee heard Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyanmding last Wednesday. They include Peter Mafany Musonge, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam, Ibrahim Talba Malla, Prof. Paul Celestin Ndembiyembe, Benoit Ndong Soumhet, Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Badel Ndanga Ndinga and Jean Fabien Monkam.

In the correspondence sent by the chairman of the disciplinary committee to the concerned, no reason was given. But after the extraordinary session of the disciplinary committee, we know a little more about the motive that led to his summons.

His party, the CPDM, of which he is a member of the Central Committee, accuses him of having incited the army to rebellion, of having supported the teachers’ strike as part of the “Dead Chalk” operation led by the OTS Collective On a trop supporteré. According to the party, he attacked some members of the government during a media appearance, informs Rfi.

Faced with these accusations, Messanga Nyanding defends himself. First, the activist, supporter of Paul Biya the founder and national president of the party, maintains that he did not commit any fault. He believes that he is the target of certain personalities close to the Head of State, in a context marked by the struggle for succession at the top of the state. He went on to reject the legality of the creation of a disciplinary commission within the CPDM, which he said should only be set up on the initiative of the party president.

In addition, the academic Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding is a regular on televised political debates. He is also known for his sometimes sharp positions against the government or members of his party. This is not appreciated by his detractors who are looking for ways to put him out of action. From the point of view of some observers, this attitude is in contradiction with the discipline of the party and the coherence within it.

The Disciplinary Commission is conducting the deliberations. The party’s texts provide for sanctions for cases of indiscipline ranging from a warning to permanent exclusion, including temporary exclusion. While awaiting the verdict, Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding remains unchanged.

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