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Cameroon: Patrick Ekema wants families of Anglophone activists held hostage

The Mayor of the Buea Council Patrick Ekema wants the families of Cameroon's anglophone activists held "hostage" as a means…

The Mayor of the Buea Council Patrick Ekema wants the families of Cameroon’s anglophone activists held “hostage” as a means a means to bring peace back to the troubled Anglophone regions.

The Mayor was speaking during a special broadcast on CRTV Buea, to announce the award of scholarships and distribution of school materials to pupils and students in his municipality ahead of the new school year.

“A small minority can not over rule the decision of the majority. All of us sitted here know the families of the perpetrators of these massacres(in the Anglophone regions),” Patrick Ekema said.

“It is true we can’t lay hands on(the activists) in the diaspora. For example, I know my friend Njie Makongho David who is one of those who are perpetrating these massacres. Several hundred of our younger people, old people, our military people, people of all walks of life have lost their lives because of their…egoism

“… The rest of the people know Tapang Ivo, they know Mark Bareta, please do well to hold their families hostage and they will sit quiet and there shall be peace,”Patrick Ekema urged.

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