Cameroon: Okie Johnson re-elected National President of Catholic Men Association

Members of the Catholic Men Association (CMA) have reaffirmed their support to Johnson Okie, Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices…

Members of the Catholic Men Association (CMA) have reaffirmed their support to Johnson Okie, Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH).


He was overwhelmingly re-elected as National President of the association for a three year term Sunday July 11 at the end of the 6th national executive congress of the Catholic Men Association that took place at the Yaounde Multi-purpose Sports Complex.

Commissioning Johnson Okie into his functions was the Apostolic Nonsio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, Julio Murat who called on the former to continue to be at the service of others and uphold peace values.

“He should continue to bring many other people to be members of this association, to be together, to pray, to be active in the association for the service of others…” Mgr Julor Murat told the press.

Ready to accomplish his missions, the re-elected President disclosed what his agenda will look like for the next three years.

“Our first plan of action is that CMA should be catalyst of peace in Cameroon, secondly to increase our spirituality and bring more men into the group…”

The congress was attended by the a college of Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, amongst them the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Andrew Nkea who indicated what he expects from the CMA executive bureau in the two troubled English speaking regions.

“They must be for peace, they must not be involved in violence in any way, they must do everything to promote dialogue to get their children to go to school and all these boys who are in the bushes are children of some of the Catholic men, they should be able to educate their children to see that peace is an urgent necessity for our society.”

The Catholic Men’s Association is an action group open to all adult males 18 years and older, married and unmarried catholic Christians.

It strives to foster Christian principles and catholic ideas, promote spiritual, moral, material welfare and the development of the community and visit and pray with the sick, support the homeless and underprivileged in the society.

The CMA feast day is March 19th which is the feast day of St Joseph as the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and as the foster-father of Jesus Christ.

The idea of the group was nursed in the summer of 2012 and it was eventually realized on Easter Sunday March 2013 with the dedication of its pioneer members by the spiritual director Rev, Dr. MSGR Patrick Lafon.



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