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Cameroon, Nigeria join forces to fight Ambazonia, Biafra sepratists

Cameroon and Nigeria have reiterated their committment to bar the way to separatists' agenda in the two countries. Both countries…

Cameroon and Nigeria have reiterated their committment to bar the way to separatists’ agenda in the two countries.

Both countries who share close to 2,000 border lines took the committment recent  during the 8th session of the Cameroon-Nigeria transborder security committee that kicked off in Abuja on Tuesday, August 24.
The meeting is a follow up to the 7th meeting which held in Cameroon in July 2019 as both countries continue to fine tune strategies to tackle common security challenges.
Cameroon’s delegation to the Abuja session is led by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul who underscored the importance President Paul Biya attaches to peace and security within and without Cameroon.
Atanga Nji enjoined experts from the two countries to show proof of patriotism throughout deliberations so as to propose workable solutions for consideration by the Heads of State of Cameroon and Nigeria.
On his part, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs as well as the National Security Adviser, leader of the Nigerian delegation in separate speeches said concerted efforts are needed to win the battle against growing insecurity threatening peaceful coexistence along the borders.
After the opening ceremony, the session’s participants went into four sub committees so as to better handle pressing issues adequately. 8th session of the Cameroon/ Nigeria trans border security committee.
The two-day session has in attendance, experts from the security, diplomatic, economic and finance services of both Cameroon and Nigeria.
This session is coming at a time when secessionists activities in Cameroon and threats from jihadists in Northern Nigeria are common problems in both countries. Cameroon’s five Governors who’s regions share borders with Nigeria that is the Far North, North, Adamawa, North West and South West regions are part of the delegation from Cameroon to brainstorm with their peers.
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