Cameroon: New Buea paramount ruler communes with population

A Prime Ministerial Order signed on November 25, 2021, by the Head of Government, Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion…

A Prime Ministerial Order signed on November 25, 2021, by the Head of Government, Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute,has endorsed Chief Dr. Robert Esuka Endeley as the Paramount Ruler of Buea in Fako Division, South West Region.

He succeeded Chief  Moka Lifafa Endeley who passed-on on July 11, 2015.Following his classification by the State, theParamount Ruler of Bueahas promised to work closely with the Government in order to facilitate the development of his community while meeting the expectation of his people. HRM Robert Esuka Endeley was speaking on November 29, 2021, during his first outing to formally meet his population three days after the Prime Ministerial Order endorsing him as a First Class Chief.  From the Village Square, locally known as “Pala-Pala Field”in Buea Town, the Paramount Ruler made a tour round Buea Town villages such asWonya-Emongo, Mokunda, Wondogo and Vasingi, where he met with a cross section of the population.

At the Buea Village Square, HRM Esuka Endeley expressed gratitude to all who supported him during the process. He equally promised his population his burning desire to meet up with their daily challenges.“I called on the people so we can acknowledge the work done by government. We, as a Chiefdom will work together with the State which is for the good of the people,” HRM Robert Esuka Endeley told his people.

Now, with full powers entrusted to Chief Esuka Endeley, the hopes of the people of Buea are high. Namondo Esunge, an inhabitant of Buea Town, noted that she is elated to finally meet their Paramount Chief. ‘‘To live in a society without a leader, nothing seems to be right. We now have someone to table our problems to. Having a Paramount Ruler today, we are aware most of our difficulties will be solved,’’ she said. The Paramount Ruler assured his people that his first task would be the provision of portable water and solar energy. “Thefirst issue to resolveis the water problem in Buea. We started a water project few years ago but currently we will extend it to ten other villages. Our second task will be bringing solar power to the needy,” he noted.The endorsement of a First Class Chief in Buea is in compliance with the 1977 laws governing the Chieftaincy institution in Cameroon.