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Cameroon : Mobile App Developed To Enhance Children’s Brain 

The initiative is from the Minderoo foundation in Australia and the KDI Foundation in Cameroon. It helps to ease child…

The initiative is from the Minderoo foundation in Australia and the KDI Foundation in Cameroon. It helps to ease child education and parental care.


It is scientifically proven that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial to their brain. By the age of five, the volume of a child’s brain reaches 90% of an adult’s. Unfortunately, many children are yet unable to reach early childhood education.

To curb such a situation and make children more emotionally stable, experts from the university of Sydney in Australia and others from ministries in charge of social affairs, and family promotion launched a mobile application dubbed Thrive by Five.

The application follows the Thrive by Five International Program in Cameroon and is designed to disseminate content to parents and caregivers through a variety of channels, both digital and non-digital to help children meet the country’s language, cultural and social requirements.

It works at providing interactive activities to provide the right start in life to the child. According to Nicola Forrest, Co-founder of the Minderoo foundation, “children need nurturing care and playful parenting right from the start to support their brain development and future potential. The science shows that it is the little moments of connection and interaction, repeated often and especially during the toughest of times, that makes all the difference.”

The Thrive by Five mobile application is made of activities and insights, designed to help your children reach their full potential. The activities it provides include those related to emotional bonds, social interactions, talks to enhance communication skills, fun, healthy tips, and creating a connection with culture and home-based communities.

Coupled with the tips provided by the mobile application, the KDI (Kalkaba Developement Initiative) held the closing ceremony for the children’s parade last Saturday, December 10 in Yaounde.

“I am very proud of the achievements knowing that we started the process one year ago. It was like a dream which has become true today. This scientific project will surely help Cameroonian children aged from 0 to 5; they will enjoy a better education and a better future,” concluded Colonel Hamad Kalakaba Malboum, founder of the KDI Foundation.


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