Cameroon: Mincom to lay emphasis on politics, sports in 2020

Government actions and activities will get more projection in 2020 so as to establish a smooth communication link with the…

Government actions and activities will get more projection in 2020 so as to establish a smooth communication link with the public, the Minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi has announcd.

The Communication Minister made the announcement on Friday, January 31 in Yaounde while receiving New Year wishes from the communication family.

Addressing the communication family at the esplanade of the Ministry of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said 2020 is a very important year for Cameroon marked by several political and sports activities. Thus the onus is on the communication family to serve out the right information to the public stressing the public as well as private media have the responsibility to do.

On the major political activities in the country, he started by outlining steps taken by the Ministry of Communication to ensure accurate information is given out to the public during the electoral period.

« With regards to the coverage of the twin polls,(state media) CRTV and SOPECAM have deployed their teams on the field to monitor and report on the activities of each political party. Slots and special pages (for the elections) have been created by the media, both private and public, » Rene Emmanuel Sadi said.

In an addition to the media coverage, ad hoc teams have been set up at the Ministry of Communication to support the media in the implementation of their activities and ensure that they are carried out responsibly in strict compliance with the laws and regulations in force and in keeping with the rules, ethics and professional conduct that govern the media profession, Rene Emmanuel Sadi added.

Going forward in 2020, the Minister said they will work to operationalise the recommendations of the 16 July 2019 seminar on optimising government communication.

He said the Prime Minister, Head of Government will indicate which of the recommendations could be translated into concrete actiions according to a specific schedule thereon.

« The objective here is to set up a renewed platform of goevrnment communication focused on credible and permanent information and more meaningful projection of its activities, »Rene Emmanuel Sadi said, adding government will also look forward to set up a national strategy on development communication.

On the sports domain, the nation is preparing to host the 2020 African Nations Championship and the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations and the Ministry of Communication has a big role to play in the build up to the two big events.

Communication will be greatly important for the success of these events, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said, adding that government is term steps to put in place the best communication tool to ensure an up to standard broadcast of the competitions.

The New Year Wishes ceremony was also an opportunity to take a look back at 2019 in terms of the activities carried out by the Ministry of Communication, stressing that the holding of the seminar to optimise government’s communication was one of the major succeesses of 2019.