Cameroon: “Maurice Kamto like a President in jail,”-Eric Chinje

Veteran Journalist Eric Chinje was at the Kondengui maximum security prison on Tuesday May 7 where he visited the detained…

Veteran Journalist Eric Chinje was at the Kondengui maximum security prison on Tuesday May 7 where he visited the detained leader of the Cameroon Renaissnce Movement, Maurice Kamto and some of his allies.

A visit described by the journalist as the “most enriching experience”,  Eric Chinje described Maurice Kamto as a President in jail after seeing the respect given him by visitors.

“I was at the Kondengui Principal prison where …I met with Kamto of the MRC and then I met with some well-known activists like my great friend Penda Ekoka, Maitre (Michelle) Ndoki, Prof. (Alain) Fogue, (Albert Dzongang) ..etc and it was the most enriching experience for me,” Eric Chinje said.

“Kamto was respected …he was sitting away from everybody else with a table, with  books and writing and people were coming and consulting Kamto and going. Kamto was like a President in jail,..” Eric Chinje said.

Though he held back details of their discussions, Eric Chinje said he had no doubts the MRC detainees are a great asset to the country and need to be released.

“They all looked healthy, all had a vision for the future of the country, all believed that what they were doing was in the interest of the country (and) I don’t think anybody loves Cameroon more than Kamto or Penda Ekoka. Biya does not love the country more than them…they are as committed to a healthy economy in Cameroon, a country that grows in peace and keeps developing…” Eric Chinje said.

Aftera “long discussion” with Maurice Kamto, Eric Chinje was seduced by the legal mind’s ideas and called on the Biya government to borrow a leaf from his political agenda of the last Presidential election.

“His ideas were captured in his political agenda for the campaigns of last year…most of what Prof (Maurice) Kamto had on his political agenda should be copied and implemented by the government because they were excellent ideas.

However, Maurice Kamto and his supporters remains in jail despite increasing calls for their release as others call for a genuine dialogue between both political “opponents”

“(Maurice)Kamto should not be behind bars because by the same measure if we apply on the other side, (Paul)Biya should not be President. Let us all get away from that and talk about a country both sides love,”

“They are (both) Cameroonians, intelligent people…the two should meet and exchange ideas. This country will gain from a meeting between Paul Biya and Maurice Kamto,” Eric Chinje said.