Cameroon: Govt, CBC Health Services Get vaccine refrigerators

The government of Cameroon and the Health Services of the Cameroon Baptist Convention have received vaccine refrigerators to boost immunization…

The government of Cameroon and the Health Services of the Cameroon Baptist Convention have received vaccine refrigerators to boost immunization coverage including COVID-19 in remote areas.

The PQS-approved vaccine refrigerators were recently donated by UK-based  manufacturer Dulas Solar Limited through its local partner Hero Technologies.

The items were handed on May 31 during a solemn ceremony that held at the premises of the Expanded Program on Immunization Yaoundé.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Judith Seunge, a senior Official at the Ministry of Public Health said the donation is timely and will boost immunization in remote areas which is one of the areas of focus for the government at this moment.

On the other hand, Hero Technologies CEO, Dr Ndambi B. Ndaya said the initiative follows a visit to Cameroon in December 2019 of Catherine McLennan, International Sales Manager for Dulas Solar.

Dr Ndambi said the company and her partners are very interested in looking into the numerous energy problems at every level in Cameroon. He said they offer a wide range of locally adapted renewable energy solutions in small and large scale, from conception through design, supply of materials, installation and maintenance.

“This gift is a demonstration of how adapted our solutions can be, and we hope the beneficiaries enjoy unmatched reliability and comfort as they use them,” Dr Ndambi said.

He added that the vaccine refrigerators that come in different shapes and sizes, run at a stable +5 °C (generally 2-8°C) with freeze-free guarantee. They are equipped with a unique phase-change material built into the wall lining of the refrigerators that fluctuate between a liquid and a solid at +5 degrees thus guaranteeing the walls never go below freezing; the importance of that is to enable a secure cold chain for the more remote regions.

These equipment will ensure preparedness for immunization programs including Covid 19 vaccination in remote areas of Cameroon and it could really help in Cameroon’s fight against Covid. The two Dulas VC50SDD refrigerators can contain vaccines that could vaccinate up to 3400 people with two dozes of the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine.

“I’m enthusiastic about prospects for adoption of British vaccine cold chain technology from WHO  certified manufacturer Dulas Solar  to boost Cameroon’s immunization coverage. Solar-powered fridges offered to MINSANTE and CBC Health Board yesterday are a valuable contribution,” the Deputy British High Commissioner in Cameroon, Nigel Holmes tweeted after the handing over ceremony.

The CBC installed its own refrigerator at Ndu Baptist Health Center in the North West region while that of the government was installed at the Abong-Mbang district hospital in the East region. Dulas and its trusted local partners – Hero Technologies, have ensured seamless movement of the equipment from the UK to Yaounde and to the localities where there assisted in the installations.

Prof Tih Pius, Director of Health Services at CBC explained that they chose Ndu because it is becoming a strategic distribution hub and itself serves over 85,000 people in the town.

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