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Cameroon-football : ‘I will use my past experiences to put myself at the service of Rigobert and the national team’

Sébastien Migné, the indomitable lions newly appointed assistant coach granted an interview to rfI explaining the new organisation of the national…

Interview of Sebastien Migne

Sébastien Migné, the indomitable lions newly appointed assistant coach granted an interview to rfI explaining the new organisation of the national team.

Journalist : Prior to your new functions as an assistant coach to the indomitable lions, having as a background  Kenya’s head coach at the AFCON 2019. How did things unfold themselves, did you have any discussion with Rigobert Song ?

Sébastien Migné: Rigobert Song and I had the opportunity to play against each other, especially during the african championship when I was the general manager of DR Congo national teams. And we overpowered Cameroon. We continue to keep in touch. We even have the same agent. We both often thought, one day we will have to work together and then, things just fell in pace last week.

So you had an exchange with him?

Yes. I think he did not want to miss out his beginnings with the indomitable lions. He therefore wanted to work with someone having some experience and knowledge about african football ; most importantly whom he could trust.
When an African legend like Rigobert Song calls on you or another icon like President Samuel Eto’o, you can only take their request into consideration and accept such a new challenge. And  I’m happy to discover a new country which I knew narrowly through the stories of Claude Leroy.

What organisation have you put in place for the team ?
It is going to be like the English management model with Rigobert as general manager and I will be in charge of all that has to do with the game animation around the training and regarding the staff.

Majority of Cameroonians are enthusiastic with the appointment of Rigobert Song and you as his assistant. But some estimate a lack of experience, and previous failures registered. How do you appreciate this assertion ?

I was able to realize this during the few days spent with Rigobert. I think there are high expectations but what I retained are the words of a lady who said: “we have the man of the people and the people will be with him”. The full scope of the task awaiting me is to be able to provide support and bring some expertise if possible.

Cameroon finished third during the AFCON organised in the country. A third position not so appreciated. Now that you are part of the new staff, what will change?

We will try to stay humble. We already have two important games against Algeria, I think that the most important thing is to try to go to Qatar for te world cup. Also, I think people will be tolerant about the nature and quality of your game. I’m sure of this because if we play well and don’t qualify, it will be difficult for us. Then afterwards will come the time to try to put our stamp on this team and define a playing style. Cameroonians have undeniable football qualities so we will have to rely on these strengths. But for now, we’ll keep that to ourselves.

What about the attempt to bring players to the national team like Youssoufa Moukoko?

I’m going to leave the task to Rigobert to let you know. But we are on the lookout for all the nuggets from Cameroon. It will be up to us to try to create a dynamic that we could find on the field.

Could it be like what you tried to do with Kenya?

In terms of collective dynamics, I hope to have a happy group on the field, collectively speaking. Afterwards, we will also remain humble. Cameroon has other arguments, it is one of the 5 big African nations. We have to play on that and impose ourselves by also cultivating humility because, at the top level, if we don’t have that, it’s bad luck.

Your experience will serve you enormously…
Yes I hope so. I believe this will be my eighth selection so I will try to use all the past experiences to put myself as best as possible at the service of Rigobert and Cameroon

With the pressure for Cameroon against Algeria, it must be an enormous pressure?
It’s also very positive. Imagine how lucky a few days ago I was at home going around in circles trying to figure out what new project I was going to work on and then I was just given a new plan; two games of the play-offs of a world cup and these are.items where can’t even hesitate.

What is your work schedule after being appointed?
Know the team, study our opponents and consult with the Staff. I think we will arrive in Yaoundé during the week and then we will be 24 hours a day focused on the two games that are coming up and we will have time to focus on local football because I think the championship will soon resume. .In addition, we will start plannings for the next AFCON with four games in June.

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