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Cameroon: Presbytarian Paediatric Eye Hospital Records First Successful Eye Surgery

The Presbytarian Paediatric Eye Hospital in Limbe, Fako division of the Sout West region has recorded a success in its…

pcc indulge in eye surgery

The Presbytarian Paediatric Eye Hospital in Limbe, Fako division of the Sout West region has recorded a success in its first eye surgery , 10 months  after inauguration.


Launched in July 2021, the modern hopital equiped with latest medical tools and facilities has as main focus to treat eye issues with children in particular and adults as a whole.

A mission which seems to be a positive wrap as a succesful surgery was just recorded.

The Guardian post news papers reports that on May 5th 2022, a team of five medics headed by Dr.Ngounou Faustin, Medical Doctor of the PCC Eye Services, engaged the eye surgery on 8 years old Johnson,who suffered from Bilateral Congenital Cataract.

The surgery performed lasted 30 minutes, Dr. Ngounou revealed that it was successful. The medic announced at the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC and applauded the support of their partners are now set to make great impact in Limbe, as it has been the case in areas like Acha Tugi, Bafoussam , Yaounde , Kumba etc

Johnson’s case seemed to be crtical as the doctor  explained  “Both eyes were affected at birth and therefore this was actually an emergency…in fact, the operation of such cases is supposed to take place immediately the situation is noticed because if not, the condition changes to what is referred to as a Lazy Eye, where it will not develop well and have the ability to see clearly

He added that being the pioneer in the new facility was also challenging because “This is a new hospital with very new and sophisticated equipment even to me since I operate under a different set up in Bafoussam so we had to get use to all of this

The Limbe Hospital is currently implementing a project dubbed Cameroon Inclusive Child Eye Project CICEH, with main aim to improve the Paediatric Ophthalmological care in Limbe. This is with the help of its partners notably RTL -German Television Network, HDL – Lions Club Germany, BMZ – German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and CBM Christian Blind Mission.

The Limbe hospital General Outpatient Department and Consultations, Visual Field Analysis, Mounting and Repairs of corrective glasses, Refraction, Counselling among other services.