Cameroon: Eneo under pressure to provide constant electricity supply to Buea

Electricity has been restored in several communities in the Buea Town neighbourhood after women came out to cry foul. Women…

Electricity has been restored in several communities in the Buea Town neighbourhood after women came out to cry foul.

Women from Mokunda, Wondongo, Komboni, Wonyamongo and other neighbourhoods in Buea Town came out in their numbers on Thursday, October 15 to meet the Divisional Officer at his Office where they presented their plights.

The women complained of epileptic power supply in some communities and prolonged black outs in others which has slowed down their activities for the past two months. Others added that since the resumption of school, their children have been unable to study due to the lack of electricity.

“We have never witnessed this situation before. It has been two months since we had constant power supply. We decided to come out today because of school resumption; we can’t iron our children’s dresses, children are using candles to study and we decided to come out to ask for a solution. We came to see the Divisional Officer because we respect the administration and we know he has all the powers to solve our problem,” a spokesperson for the women said.

After listening to their plights, the Divisional Officer of Buea, Abba Abdouraman, accompanied by the Mayor of Buea, David Mafani called on the women to remain calm and reassured them that everything will be done to get restore constant power supply in their various neighbourhoods.

Alongside an official of Eneo, it was explained to the women that the recent situation was caused by an overload on the transformer in Mokunda as several persons had got themselves connected to it.

The same day, workers of the electricity supply company, Eneo began mounting poles to rectify the situation and decongest the transformer in order to provide constant supply of electricity to these communities. By evening the same day, residents confirmed power was gradually returning to the various neighbourhoods.

“We are grateful our voices were finally heard by the authorities but we pray they should find a lasting solution to the power problems we often face here. We hope this solution will last,” Anna Lyombe, an inhabitant of Mokunda who was among the women who went to the DO’s Office said.

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