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Cameroon : Empower Young Ladies Through Networking

It is an advantage given during the Inspir'Talks organised by the Inspire Afrika Magazine from April 8 to 9, 2022.…

It is an advantage given during the Inspir’Talks organised by the Inspire Afrika Magazine from April 8 to 9, 2022.

“To succeed, you have to believe, to be honest and to work hard,” says Kate Fotso. She was speaking under the theme, women in business: build, overcome and empower, during the Inspir’Talks.

For two days, young ladies were trained on using their full potential to achieve their dreams. This was done with the intervention of 50 successful women from different companies who point out inspirational stories. It was during a workshop taking place in Douala on the 8th and 9th of April 2022.

At first, it came out that societal attributes and barriers are some elements preventing women from attaining full potential. This has to do with some cases where there are for instance jobs said to be for men only. Issues which tend to discourage and frustrate ladies.

To tackle such issues, ladies are invited to take up challenges and pursue their dreams without fear. The encounter also provided an environment for participants to create networking as they could get in touch with the different female leaders invited.

Leaders invited

Vivian Bahoken, one of the panelists said mothers are to be the role mothers to their daughters. She explains that mothers are the first educators and should be able to educate to guide their children to the right path.

According to Joan Murielle Yombo, Editor in Chief of Inspire Afrika Magazine, the talk aims at portraying female leadership inorder to boost the morale of other ladies as the leaders are sharing their experience. She says the past ten years have given the opportunity to the programme to create impact on the lives on many, “there are successful women in Cameroon that are not known, so the programme is a medium to bring them to the limelight so that they will be an inspiration to other younger women” explains Joan Murielle Yombo.

She further says, “our greatest hope is to inspire women to be daring in achieving their goals”.