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Cameroon: Driver Attempts Seducing Boss and Gets Fired 

The driver, who was cared for by his employer, saw signs of love in her gestures and wanted their relationship…

The driver, who was cared for by his employer, saw signs of love in her gestures and wanted their relationship to move to another stage.

He is called Désiré. He thought he was desired by his boss. However, she just treated him with a lot of care, thinking it is fashionable to show some signs of generosity to her driver. The scene takes place in Yaounde.
The named Mercy is a senior executive who is unmarried and lives alone. She decided to get a driver for her activities. This is how she recruits Désiré and gives him a monthly salary of 150,000F. Added to this, she shows great generosity towards her driver, for him to feel fulfilled in his work. Her acts of generosity include gifts which she offers to her driver. She goes further and very often invites him to the table when she stops in a restaurant.
The driver sees in his marks of affection signs of attraction that the lady sends him. But, he is not sure. He then decides to “test the water”. It starts by stopping calling her madam and instead using her christian name, Mercy. And whenever he called his boss Mercy, she showed no displeasure. This makes Désiré feel confident and encourages him for the next step. Taking the bull by the horns, he begins to send messages of love, “I think of you every day. I have to confess that never a second goes by that I don’t think of you. My beauty, I can’t wait to be with you.”
The message would have arrived safely and did not leave Mercy indifferent. She could not react immediately because she was receiving business partners from Europe. Right after that, she invited her driver to meet her in his office. He was all handsome, confident, and smiling when he went there. Arriving in her office, Mercy didn’t mention a single word but went straight into action. She snatched the key of her car from the driver’s hand, then asked him to leave her office immediately.
Source : The Guardian Post
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