Cameroon: Detained Ambazonia leader dissolves ‘Interim Government’

The detained leader of the 'Ambazonia separatist' movement Julius Ayuk Tabe has dissolved the 'Interim Goverment' currently run by Samuel…

The detained leader of the ‘Ambazonia separatist’ movement Julius Ayuk Tabe has dissolved the ‘Interim Goverment’ currently run by Samuel Sako.

In a communiqué signed on May 2 from his prison cell in Kondengui, Julius Ayuk Tabe said the ‘government’ was dissolved with immediate effect because it had lost focus on their goals for ‘restoration’.

“…the caretaker cabinet of the Interim Government has clearly lost its focus and footing in actualizing our restored independent statehood and the march to end the illegal occupation of our homeland and our capital city, Buea,k” Julius Ayuk Tabe said.

“…the caretaker cabnet has lost its ability to reconcile our people, and in doing so, has imperiled the identity and mission of the Interim Government to complete the decolonization of Southern Cameroons through advancing our collective national interests,”he added.

The detained leader said it is incumbent on him to bring redress to in the Southern Camroons struggle thus dissolves the ‘interim government’ and calls for a reconstitution of the ‘cabinet’.

This decision from the detained Ambazonia leader comes just few days after the acting leader Samuel Sako Ikome proceeded to name a ‘new government in his cabinet.’

Samuel Sako had been in charge of the movement as the ‘Acting President’ since Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine others were arrested in Nigeria on May 5, 2018 and later deported to Cameroon.

Samuel Sako is yet to react on this decision and it is left to see if this is a new power tussle at the head of the Ambazonia separatist movement.

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