Cameroon : Coq Sportif Threatens to Take Fecafoot to Court for Breach of Contract

The French firm whose contract with Fecafoot has just been terminated is threatening to take the body headed by Samuel…

coq sportif

The French firm whose contract with Fecafoot has just been terminated is threatening to take the body headed by Samuel Eto’o to court.


The French equipment manufacturer is threatening to blackmail Fecafoot. In a statement dated July 11, Le Coq Sportif has again addressed the Fecafoot. The French equipment manufacturer which has been dressing the Indomitable Lions since January 2020 invites Samuel Eto’o to reconsider his decision to unilaterally terminate the contract binding him to the Fecafoot. The Coq Sportif says it is multiplying its efforts to contact the head of the Federation to settle the dispute amicably.

As already mentioned, we remind you once again that we have not failed to fulfil any of our commitments as equipment supplier to Fecafoot for more than three years and that, unless the purpose of this manoeuvre is to commit you to a competing equipment supplier at a lower cost a few months before the 2022 World Cup (which is what we are doing), we will not be able to do anything about it.”

In preparation of the World Cup 2022 ,which your call for tender of 6 July last suggests, there was absolutely no justification for this termination, especially since Fecafoot does not, up to date, hold any debt against us.

We therefore wish to invite you, Mr. President, to reconsider your position, so as to allow us to serenely pursue the preparation of orders for replicas already underway for your federation.

The letter sates ”Otherwise, we would like to inform you that we have already mandated our usual counsel to initiate all legal procedures that will enable us to obtain compensation for the damage suffered, which will unfortunately have important consequences for Fecafoot.”

In this regard, we would also like to draw your attention to the fact that, in the event that any third party, and in particular any equipment manufacturer, should infringe on our rights, we will not fail to immediately initiate all appropriate legal proceedings against them.”

According to the latest news, Yannick Noah, the life ambassador of this French firm, who greatly influenced the arrival of Le Coq Sportif at Fecafoot, thus helping his childhood friend Seydou Mbombo Njoya, would have gone to the presidency of the Republic in recent days, to try to influence the decision taken by Samuel Eto’o.

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