Cameroon: Constitutional Council dismiss post electoral litigations, hearings continue today

Cameroon's Constitutional council yesterday dismissed all 16 out of the 18 petitions despite the fact that candidates of Cameroon's opposition…

Cameroon’s Constitutional council yesterday dismissed all 16 out of the 18 petitions despite the fact that candidates of Cameroon’s opposition put forth strong arguments showing gross electoral irregularities. The hearing which ran into the night was adjourned to continue today.

Among the post electoral litigation from disgruntled parties, are calls for a partial or complete annulment of the election from the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, the Social Democratic Front and UNIVERS parties.

Meanwhile, the Kamto’s CRM party,wanted partial cancellation of the election, decrying massive electoral fraud in the Far North, North West and South West Regions.

Day 1 hearing:

During yesterday’s hearing, the council rejected the petition filed by Cabral Libii due to late submission, lack of sufficient facts to justify claims, and lack of legal backings.

Maurice Kamto’s team made up top notch lawyers like Akere Muna, Yondo Black, Barrister Michel Ndoki among others put forth strong arguments of gross electoral fraud in some regions.

While defending his client, Barrister Akere said “The Constitutional Council was created to contribute to the legitimacy and transparency of the electoral process in Cameroon…Our love for this country should push us to strive for the best for the nation”

Michel Ndoki for her part, detailed cases of electoral fraud observed in some regions of Cameroon on October 7th. Ndoki presented documents attesting massive vote rigging in over 100 council areas in the Far North, South, North West, South West, North and Adamawa Regions.

According to Michel Ndoki, soldiers without voters cards were allowed to vote, ballot boxes confiscated, CRM representatives denied access into polling stations and vote counting process, fake polling stations created, some polling result incoherent with the number of registers voters….

Ndoki’s presentation which lasted for closed to an hour has left Cameroonians at home and abroad in dismay especially after a constitutional council member qualified her as a liar during the hearing.

Reacting to the claims, Clement Atangana, President of the Constitutional Council asked Kamto’s lawyers how and when they got the documents.

Case Adjourned to today

President Clement Atangana adjourned the hearing to this morning after long hours of rambling on how opposition got their documents.

Today, submissions will be heard from the Kamto’s CRM, Josua Osih’s SDF and others.

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