Cameroon: Chantal Biya communes with cyclists at Grand Prix

The First Lady, Chantal Biya respected tradition at the 21st edition of the Cycling Tour that bears her name as…

The First Lady, Chantal Biya respected tradition at the 21st edition of the Cycling Tour that bears her name as she came out to commune with the cyclists and the population who were out in their numbers.

The cool weather in Meyomessala last Saturday, October 9 set the stage for the beautiful event that had to unfold.

Moments after the crowd cheered the cyclists to the finish line, the cheers were even louder when the convoy transporting the First Lady, arrived at the Meyomessala ceremonial ground.

Received by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Professor Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Chantal Biya firmly took her seat at the ceremonial ground for the award of prizes.

Wowed by the performances of the cyclists, Chantal Biya showed her affection to them cheering each as they mounted the podium to collect their prizes.

The First Lady later produced the moment of the day when she invited the best Cameroonian of the competition, Clovis Kamzong Abossolo, to the grand stand to the loud applause of the crowd.

As the affectionate mother that she is, Chantal Biya took time to congratulate and encourage the rider who was coincidentally celebrating his birthday.

Her motherly attitude was equally felt by the yellow jersey of the day, Slovakia’s Kubis Lukas as she personally wore the jersey on the athlete, a pat on the back and words of encouragements before the final lap.

The First Lady’s touch was also felt in the prizes handed over to all the wearers of Jerseys of the day.

From the grand stand, the Caravan headed to the banquet hall of the Meyomessala Council where the Chantal Biya offered diner to the caravan, over a hundred guests and the population.

It was another opportunity to commune with the First Lady. Simple as always, Chantal Biya spent most of her time posing for selfies as almost the whole crowd wanted to immortalise the event. She also took out then for brief chats with local women of the community as well as children before she could wrap up the day.

By nightfall, it was time to say goodbye to the satisfied population that waved goodbye to the First Lady hoping to see her again at next year’s edition of the tour.

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