Cameroon: Buea on alert after upsurge in Coronavirus cases, deaths

Public Health authorities in the South West Region have sounded a warning for the population to get themselves tested and…

Public Health authorities in the South West Region have sounded a warning for the population to get themselves tested and vaccinated after a sharp increase in the number of infections and deaths.

According to the situation report of the region presented last week, at least 345 active cases and 52 deaths have been recorded in the past three weeks.

The report equally reveals the Buea Health District id the most hit with 17 COVID-19 related deaths from the total death rate in the region.

“The number of cases is very high as well as the number of deaths. This is the first time since the beginning of this pandemic that we are having this number of deaths in a month. So, the situation is very serious and worrying,” Dr. Mathias Ngund, District Medical Officer for Buea said.

To respond to this new situation, he said they have adopted a new strategy to test, treat and vaccinate while calling on the population to continue respecting the preventive measures prescribed by the government.

In total, 23 vaccination centres have been set up in the 19 health districts in the South West Region though vaccine hesitancy still remains high in that part of the country.

According to statistics from the Expanded Programme on Immunisation, just 3, 818 persons have been vaccinated so far making the South West Region one of the least immunized as public health authorities step up campaigns to encourage the population to get vaccinated.

Respecting Preventive Measures

One of the major reasons of the COVID-19 spike in the region is the visible abandonment of preventive measures like wearing of face masks, washing of hands and the respect of the social distancing measure.

To that effect, the regional delegation of public health is planning a sensitization campaign to administrations, markets, schools and other places that attract crowds to sensitise them on the continuous respect of these measures.

Equally, with the resumption of classes at the University of Buea, the institution has begun taking measures to ensure the large student community returning on campus can remain safe. Hand washing points at the major entrances to the campus have been refurbished while access to major offices on campus is strictly reserved to those with their face masks on.