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Cameroon-Buea: Eight Lawyers Sue BIR Soldier

The soldier belonging to the elite corps of the army is accused of torturing civilians in the city of Buea…

The soldier belonging to the elite corps of the army is accused of torturing civilians in the city of Buea in the South West region.

The next few days are likely to be tough for the soldier of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) called Ewome Eboko John nicknamed  “Moja Moja”. The latter will soon be able to answer for his actions before the military justice. According to the information site Camer.be, eight lawyers have filed a complaint against the soldier Ewome Eboko John for torture, arrest and kidnapping, abuse of office, etc.
From media sources, several testimonies are against the soldier. Since at least 2020, Moja Moja has been arresting people, subjecting them to torture in order, he says, to obtain confessions from these alleged English-speaking separatists.
The last act committed is the arrest last June, in complicity with his gang, of many young people. They tortured them and took a video of this scene which the gang leader posted on Facebook. One of the victims lost his life a few days later.
He is being sued by eight lawyers including those involved in the English-speaking crisis including Me Tamfu Garka Richard, and Me Amungwa Tangy. Moja does not take the threat hanging over him seriously after the eight lawyers seized the Yaoundé military court.
For him, “it’s a distraction. In addition to being a soldier, I am the chief of the Bwassa Bwassa village. I fight against those who want to destabilize the country. Lawyers who file complaints are paid by the separatists. I don’t care about their moods. For the rest, go see it with my superiors,” he answered Jade Cameroon’s phone call.
According to Camer.Be, the military authorities do not support him. They make sure to let the procedure take its course. The military court of Yaoundé will be able in the next few days to transfer the file to the military court of Buea in the South-West.
According to the complainants, the respondent violated the preamble of the Cameroonian constitution, the universal declaration of human rights, and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. It is subject to articles 74, 140, 277, and 302 of the Penal Code.
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