Cameroon: Biya’s new faces in government

The Head of State Paul Biya on Friday January 4 appointed a new government with some new faces making their…

The Head of State Paul Biya on Friday January 4 appointed a new government with some new faces making their way into his new team that kicks start his new seven-year mandate.

Below are the new faces of his government…..

Ibrahim Talba Malla

The General Manager of the National Oil Refinery makes his way back into Biya’s government as Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Public Contracts. Before he went to SONARA, he was the Director of the National Petroleum Stabilisation Fund.

Wakata Bolvine

He is one of the major new faces to make their way into the government appointed by Paul Biya on Friday January 4. He was appointed Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of relations with the Assemblies. He was Chargé de Mission at the Division of Information and Coordination of Government Communication at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Gabriel Mbairobe

This is another fresh face to make his way into Paul Biya’s Government as he was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. He seems to be the right man at the right place after cutting his teeth at Coton development Corporation, SODECOTON. He has been a long time Board Chair of Cotonsport of Garoua.

Celestine Ketcha Courtès

She is one of the new faces and few women to make her way into Paul Biya’s government. The Mayor of Bangangte has been appointed Minister of Housing and Urban Development and replaces her fellow brother from the Nde Division Jean Claude Mbwentchou.

Dodo Ndoke Gabriel

He equally makes his way into Paul Biya’s government as Minister of Mines, Industries and Technological Development. Before today, he was Secretary General at the MINDCAF just last year.

Bassiliken III Achille

He was appointed as the Minister of Small and Medium sized enterprises in Paul Biya’s latest government. The is a promotion from his appointment just last August as Secretary General of the Ministry of External Relations.

Manaouda Malachie

This is another that gets into Paul Biya’s new government from a role as Secretary General of a Ministry. Manaouda Malachie was appointed Minister of Public Health just months after he was appointed Secretary General at the Ministry of Commerce.

Jean De Dieu Momo

He is certainly the big winner in the new government. Key figure of the G20 opposition forces that backed Paul Biya’s presidential bid, Jean De Dieu Momo was appointed as the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Keeper of the Seal.

Njoya Zachariaou

A trained civil administrator who has served as Divisional and Senior Divisional Officer in his various capacities, he was appointed Minister  delegate at the Ministry of Transport.

Asheri Kilo

She gets her first sight at government as she was appointed Secretary of State at the Ministry of Basic Education.