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Cameroon Bishops reiterate dialogue to solve Anglophone crisis

The men of God are meeting in Yaounde for the 43rd National Episcopal Council where they are praying for peace…

The men of God are meeting in Yaounde for the 43rd National Episcopal Council where they are praying for peace in the country.

Bishops in Cameroon have reiterated the call for a a frank and inclusive dialogue as a solution to the crisis rocking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

During a mass celebrated at the Basilica in Mvolye on Sunday, the Bishops prayed for peace and God’s guidance over the country through these trying moments.

“The fact that our meeting is taking place today in the context of the present socio-political problem especially in the North West and South West region(shows it is serious),”Rev. Father Michael Bibi, auxillary Bishop of the Bamenda Archdiocese said.

“When this crisis started back in 2016, I am sure if anybody was asked that by this time in 2018 we will still be living through the problem, we will not believe… but the reality is that the problem is still continuing,” he said.

Since the escalation of the crisis, security officers and civilians have been killed, houses burnt down and thousands displaced-a situation the Bishops say is very preoccupying and only dialogue could be the solution.

“The military men are still being killed, in retaliation, the military kill the civilians and destroy property and I think that it has reached a stage that the Head of State…(should) bring all together for an inclusive dialogue… and if a solution can not be reached then it means there is something fundamental that still needs to be done,” he added.

The Archbishop of Yaounde Jean Mbarga on his part stressed the importance of peace in nation building and pledged the bishops support in finding concrete solutions to the crisis in the two Anglophone regions.

“(During the Episcopal Conference), we intend to look for the best ways to stop violence and how we can live together in harmony,” His Lordship Jean Mbarga said.


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