Cameroon: Ayah Paul blasts SDF for inconsistencies over Anglophone crisis

Retired Supreme Court Advocate Ayah Paul Abine has taken a swipe at the Social Democratic Front for its inconsistencies regarding…

Retired Supreme Court Advocate Ayah Paul Abine has taken a swipe at the Social Democratic Front for its inconsistencies regarding the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

It emerged during the Prime Minister’s trip to the North West region that the Social Democratic Front had offered to serve as a mediator in the crisis though the party later debunked the information.

However, Ayah Paul Abine has cast doubt on the party’s ability to mediate given that it is equally a stakeholder after stating its preference for a ten-state federation.

The SDF is rounding off a stormy NEC meeting in Yaounde today as the party’s bigwig are divided over their participation at upcming elections.

The SDF could make a u-turn and take part in upcoming elections after previously declaring that they will not take part in any election until the crisis in the North West and South West regions is solved.

Ayah Paul Abine thinks this is another inconsistency that characterises the party and says participating at the election will be a mercenary project as they did at the 2013 Senatorial elections.

Below is a full text of Ayah Paul’s swipe at the SDF;

“Pa Ayah was one of the earliest persons to argue against SDF offering to mediate in the current Anglophone War on the ground of conflict of interests. If any doubts anyone entertained then, those doubts have now been amply cleared by recent events. Although SDF has been inconsistent over the decades, we wish to limit ourselves to just two recent events.

There are three broad groups of Ambazonians with conflicting stances. Some desire the restoration of their independence as a distinct entity from the de facto arrangement with the Republic of Cameroun in 1961. The second group is willing to accommodate a federation with the Republic of Cameroun. While the third finds nothing fundamentally wrong with the unitary state.

Once you identify yourself with any of the three groups as SDF has identified itself with a federation, you have vested interest and are thereby automatically disqualified from being a mediator on the ground of conflict of interests. One wonders how a well structured party like SDF with some of the best Ambazonian brains would, outside of pecuniary avidity, hold itself out as a mediator in this case!

In the second place, SDF declared not so long ago that election was not possible under the prevailing circumstances; and that it would not take part in any election if the situation remained unchanged. Reasonably, the implication was that the situation would change for the better.

But every reasonable, normal person knows that, since the Prime Minister’s visit to the war zones, the indiscriminate killing of unarmed Ambazonians and the burning of their homes, hospitals, economic structures and crops have grown dramatically – threefold, fourfold. As a matter of fact, hardly does a day go by these days without reports that, at least, ten persons have been killed!!!

What does prompt the SDF to proclaim its stance for a ten-state federation; and its willingness to go in for elections now? Is not it another mercenary project in the like manner of going in for senatorial election in the Adamawa Region some six years ago when SDF knew full well that only municipal councilors would vote and that SDF did not have any councilors in that Region?




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