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Cameroon: Army refutes human rights abuse claims

Cameroon army has denied claims of gross human rights abuse on citizens in the country's English speaking regions. Colonel Didier…

Cameroon army has denied claims of gross human rights abuse on citizens in the country’s English speaking regions.

Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokesman for the Cameroonian army, told AFP that;  “Cameroon has been independent since 1960 and has no lessons to learn in the way its defence forces legally pursue their missions of securing populations. We also do not intend to respond to maneuvers of intoxication and diversion,”

“It is extraordinary how some of these so-called actors of the region have resorted to faking the truth, or transforming it. We ask that evidence of these alleged abuses by our forces is presented to us,” he added.

Badjeck it shuld be noted, was reacting gross claims of human rights abuse purportedly perpetrated by the army. Agbor Balla, lawyer and human rights activist have on several occasions accused the army of causing civilian deaths through burning of houses and places of worship in the English-speaking region of the South-West region.  In one of his posts on Facebook, Balla said;

“The Cameroonian army attacked and burned several houses in Mungo Vendeur, a small village located about 40 km from Nguti to Koupé-Manengouba (South-West). Ms Egbe Maria Ndonge was burned to death in her house while she slept,” said Nkongho.

“We have received reports of 6 civilians killed and reports of civilian killings in the village. Intentionally killing civilians and destroying civilian property are war crimes, which should be thoroughly investigated,” he continued.

Balla is one of the leaders of the first uprising of the English-speaking protest at the end of 2016. Arrested in mid-2017, he was released in September by presidential decree.

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