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Cameroon Anglophone separatists Diaspora take Paris by storm

The citizens originating from Cameroon’s North West and South West regions stage a massive protest, carrying placards and chanting intriguing…

The citizens originating from Cameroon’s North West and South West regions stage a massive protest, carrying placards and chanting intriguing accusations

Southern Cameroonians from several countries in Europe took to the streets of Paris this week calling on the French government to stop sponsoring terrorist regimes in Africa like that of Biya and protecting dictatorship.

The two hours peaceful demonstration which started around 2pm with the singing of the an anthem which they referred to as the “Southern Cameroons national Anthem” in front of the Gare Du Nord train station in Paris before taking to the streets. The demonstration which was initially planned as “the 2nd French Revolution” was overshadowed with disgruntled Southern Cameroonians from Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and the host France who outnumbered the Congolese.

Along the busy streets of Paris, they caused traffic congestion. Some curious French citizens were so eager to get the message of the peaceful and noisy demonstration with police escorts. The Anglophone Cameroonians protesters who prefer to call themselves, Southern Cameroonians, were singing and chanting messages such as “France is a terrorist state that support terrorism in Africa and southern Cameroon in particular.” They kept calling France “assassins who sustain their life with the blood of Africans,” “Thieves in black suits”, “La Republique assassin”.

The protesters could also be seen, distributing flyers to passersby and curious observers. A conspicuous banner of president Biya with a bold cross on his face was also used during the demonstration. Some French citizens, followed the matching protesters to the Bastille where a short rally was held with key speakers from Belgium, France and the UK.

Boycott of French goods envisaged

One of the leaders of the protests, Chairman David Ndeh, while addressing the audience said, if France does not stop the Central government in Yaounde from carrying out a silent genocide, unwarranted arrest and detention of ‘southern Cameroonians’, Anglophone Cameroonians will boycott French goods.

He was so critical about French exploitative system in Africa and how “they have been silent and watching all the atrocities going on in Ambazonian because of the hegemony of extracting resources with immunity given to them by the government of LRC.”

Dora Gorim, representative of the “Southern Cameroons European Women” on her part said “Southern Cameroons are here today to tell the world their own story to self-determination. They want an identity of their own and have gone through thorns in the hands of the French. That southern Cameroonians want to be called with their own name as Ambazonian and that’s why they have stormed Paris to tell the world that southern Cameroonians are united for a particular goal of restoration and will support the interim government set up recently.”

Ahmadu Daiyebu, Spokesman for SCB Belgium in a phone interview with Journal du Cameroun opined there are various types of terrorism. “France is the one that supply the arms that are used to kill our people. France is the one that determines our budget. France is the one that taught LRC (the Biya government) how to maltreat us with their policy of assimilation. If you look all over the whole world, all French countries have a problem. Be it civil war, dictatorship or retarded in terms of development. Look at Rwanda today, they had the worst genocide in the history of mankind within a month but today they are far much better than Cameroon which has never had any problem because of bad leadership.”

In a further attempt to justify the move of the protesters, he continued; “The French language is a cursed that’s why the Rwandans had to change and they are much better today. Our generation will not allow this barbaric system to continue. I cannot boast of anything the French have done for us apart from the language. Look at our roads and infrastructures; they were all old German stuff. It is often said that, if you want to kill a snake, cut its head and France is the head of the snake that’s why we are here in France. We have told them we are against the system they have put in place in Africa Let them take their hands off Africa and stop this hypocrisy. We will resist them till we get to Buea”

It should however be noted that the French government has been supporting development program through its overseas cooperation unit, the French Development Agency. It should also be recalled that during the celebration of the French national day in Yaounde, the country’s ambassador said his country has never discriminated against any region of the country and proposed dialogue as a way out of the current crisis in English-speaking Cameroon.

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