Cameroon-Anglophone Crisis : Political and Civil Actors Seek Second National Dialogue

It emerged that on August 4th 2022, a meeting took place at the auditorium of the Prime Minister's office,and chaired…


It emerged that on August 4th 2022, a meeting took place at the auditorium of the Prime Minister’s office,and chaired by Chief Dr.Jospeph Dion Ngute ; as participants made strong suggestions for the holding of another dialogue to end the crisis in the North West and South West region.


The Guardian post newspaper reports that many voices pushing for another national dialogue as a solution to way out of the crisis queued behind civil society actors. When discussions became heated,lasting for three hours, participants,among them regime barons and key civil society actors,hammered on the urgent need to organize another dialogue to end the blood shed in the anglophone regions.

Chairing the follow-up committee meeting, the Prime Minister and head of Government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute in his address said that despite the progress, there are still some pockets of resistance posed by the separatist fighters and a number of yet to be for filled promises from the 2019 ND.

Decentralization and the special status to the North West and South West regions

Members said one of the strong recommendations of the Major National Dialogue was the granting of a Special Status to the North West and South West regions. Their linguistic, legal, socio-cultural, and educational specificity tabled a need for them to be treated differently from the other 8 regions. The public independent conciliators of these 2 regions have been appointed and are currently carrying out their duties. The House of Chiefs which is a particular identity to the people of the North West and South West was put in place during the regional council elections. All these measures were taken to answer the grievances raised by the population of these regions and accommodate them in a country that is one and indivisible.

Civil society actors who participated in last week’s meeting also said to have corroborated state personalities,who said frankly that there is need for a truce, an air of pardon and reconciliation to rejuvenate the North West and South West regions. One of the Diaspora delegates who took part in the meeting also highlights that the National Disarmament Di-mobilization and Reintegration Committee, as one of such actions that need a fresh touch.

While saluting the Major National Dialogue 2019, participants say those who proposed this told PM Dion Ngute that, now is the best time for such ideas. The individuals are said to have substantiated their appeal on grounds that tempers have calmed people are more willing to listen and exchange on the restive regions with an objective in mind.

ND 2019

For others, going by our sources, the gains made in three years since the dialogue would only make meaning if further political actions are taken to address the situation. Most of those who summoned the courage to call another dialogue are said to have not been oblivious of what they are quoted as having said during the meeting in Dion Ngute’s unmatched scoreboard and shrewdness in helping to improve on the general situation in the North West and South West regions.

Despite the great strides, there is still a lot to do

The Committee believes that the situation in the North West and South West has greatly improved. This can be drawn from the reopening of schools, some separatist fighters have dropped their guns, and the regions are currently under reconstruction, love and harmony seem to be flowing down the streams of these regions but there is much that is still to be done. Separatist fighters are still in control of some parts of these regions, arms are still been trafficked, bombings and killings even in the church everywhere seems to be dark, and everywhere seems to still be In slumber. The members of the committee quite aware of these happenings brained stormed on the possible way out with the hope there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. They called on the population to be more collaborative with the government so that in the end we will laugh when all will be said and done.

The PM as it was told, informed the delegates that the proposals would be channeled to the Head of States,President Paul Biya for his appraisal. Dion Ngute is said to have further assured that if the proposals from some of the participants at the follow up meeting are in tandem with public opinion,President Paul Biya will know what to do.