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Cameroon: A second Chance For Waifs

The ministry of social affairs has put in place a center, governed by a handful of people to reform and…

street children

The ministry of social affairs has put in place a center, governed by a handful of people to reform and educate street children. The Listening and Transit center in Yaounde harbors about 20 children who are being reintegrated.

Government manages a special centre in Yaounde so as to eradicate juvenile delinquency which is an age-old social problem essentially carried out by street children without any parental guidance.

As early as ten years, some of these children live on the streets and become exposed to all forms of violence.

Some are hawkers, others are beggars while others are outright gang members.
To address the problem which is a serious social issue, the Government of Cameroon has a special centre to care for these vulnerable children.

The Listening and Transit Centre for Street Children, managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs was created by a Prime Ministerial Decree on 26th June 2002.
The Centre has a week-long programme with a variety of activities executed by instructors vested with child psychology.

The children, mostly boys aged between 10 and 18 years are taught civic education and other lessons to make them good citizens.
Apart from learning, the children who are generally assigned each to specific instructors, get enough time for entertainment and the respect of personal hygiene.

At the end of the programme, the children are given the option, either to
return home, pursue education or learn a trade.
Social workers are assigned to each of the graduating children with a three to four-month supervision period.

The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Listening and Transit Centre, has facilitated the social integration of most of these children who were already in the world of the “bad-boys”.

During the world child’s day on the 16th June 2020,it should be noted  a number of promises were made by the minister of social affairs which is “Some people are surprised when we say that street children are entitled to a shower and three square meals a day. It’s up to us to take the challenge. It’s up to us to create awareness and let the public join us in this fight, because they have the impression that nothing is being done with street childre,”Minister Pauline Irène Nguene said.

She also added that Most of the children will be taken care of at the Yaounde Listening and Transit Centre where they will be fed, clothed, given lessons and also engage in sports and recreational activities.
The campaign of taking off children from the streets started from April 16, and the children have progressively been reunited with their families, enrolled in school and other trades depending on their affinities.