Cameroon: 20 women leaders petition UN, IMF over escalating Anglophone crisis, alleged mismanagement of COVID-19 funds

20 among Cameroon’s most influential women leaders led by CPP’s Kah Walla have penned two separate letters to the UN…

20 among Cameroon’s most influential women leaders led by CPP’s Kah Walla have penned two separate letters to the UN Security Council and the International Monetary Fund on the escalating Anglophone crisis and the alleged mismanagement of the FCFA 180 billion credit disbursed to fight against the crippling COVID-19 pandemic.


In the letter addressed to the UN, the women implore the international body to officially put Cameroon’s crisis including the escalating Anglophone crisis top on its agenda as a way to restore peace and end the sufferings of the Cameroonian people.

“Over 10,000 of our people have died in the Boko Haram and the Anglophone crisis. Over 1,000,000 of our children have had their schooling disrupted by the conflict. Gross human rights violations and the most ruthless violence is meted out upon our people daily…” Part of the letter reads.

As such to address this issue, the women recommends that the Council among others ask the Gov’t to implement some immediate, short and long term measures, including the release of non-violent political prisoners, allow access to humanitarian organizations to conflict zones and ensure their safety and negotiate a ceasefire with non-state armed groups.

In the letter addressed to the IMF, the women ask the Institution of Bretton woods not to give out any other loan to the Government until Cameroon accounts for the FCFA 180 billion disbursed through the credit facility to respond to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

After accusations of mismanagement, the Head of State ordered the Audit bench to produce a report on the management of the funds by the Ministries concerned.

Part of the preliminary report leaked some weeks ago, indicating massive embezzlement at the Ministries of Public Health, Scientific research and Innovation and Commerce.

The final report is yet to be made public and the country is negotiating a new Extended Credit Facility with the IMF.

The last time Cameroonian women engaged with international institutions on behalf of their country was at independence, 60 years ago


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