Cameroon: 162 Mbororos killed by suspected Amba fighters in Anglophone region since 2017

Amnesty international has revealed that since 2017, about 162 Mbororos have been killed in targeted attacks by separatist fighters in…

Amnesty international has revealed that since 2017, about 162 Mbororos have been killed in targeted attacks by separatist fighters in the seven Divisions of the restive North West region of Cameroon.


In its latest report showing satellite images of fresh military and Ambazonia atrocities committed in the two English-speaking crisis hit regions, the international organization says Mbororo communities, some of which constitute vigilante groups are one of the hardest hit by the violence.

Amnesty says that in the absence of official data from the authorities, unofficial figures sent to them by the Mbororo communities indicate that since 2017 and in the seven Divisions of the North-West region:

  • 162 Mbororo have been killed;
  • Approximately 300 homes have been burned;
  • 2,500 cattle have been killed or seized;
  • 102 people have been kidnapped, resulting in the payment of almost 270,000 euros in ransom in attacks perpetrated by armed separatists.

Talking to the NGO, One Mbororo traditional leader in Nwa, Donga-Mantung Division of the North West region said that armed separatists came to attack him six times. “They destroyed my compound, burned down my brother’s houses. Seven people were killed in my compound. They gathered them in a house, locked the house and burned it. “

The report further indicates that testimonies, documents and satellite imagery reviewed by Amnesty International showed that armed separatists attacked a Mbororo community in the town of Mbem on 16 February 2020.

During this attack, four members of one family, aged between 15 and 80, were reportedly killed, and three others injured, including two elderly women who were shot in the forehead, legs and thighs with barrage rifles. The attackers are said to have equally set fire on 30 homes, a mosque, and looted property, including motorcycles.

According to Amnesty, separatists’ advocacy of hatred for the Mbororos escalated after the Ngarbuh massacre in February 2020.

On 19 February 2020, an online TV channel belonging to an Anglophone separatist group broadcast a call from a speaker who said: “These people [Mbororos] are immigrants and it seems their time is over (…) The earlier they will leave, the better…or they will pay the price like any other ‘La République’ citizen that is in the Southern Cameroon (…) All of them if they don’t want to leave, they will die.” The report reads.

Acknowledging that members of the Mbororos have equally committed multiple serious human rights abuses in the region, Amnesty has called on the Government to assume its responsibility to protect the entire population indiscriminately and accept the fact-finding mission the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights has been calling since almost three years.

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