Cab drivers defy Governor’s restriction on car circulation in Buea

Taxi drivers in the South West Regional capital Buea, woke up today, Sunday, March, 25, 2018, and headed straight to…

Taxi drivers in the South West Regional capital Buea, woke up today, Sunday, March, 25, 2018, and headed straight to their commercial activities, despite a ban on the circulation of vehicles and motor bikes throughout the Region.

The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, caused the six Senior Divisional Officers (SDOs) of the Regions to issued Prefectural Orders, banning the circulation of vehicles and Commercial motor bikes from Friday, March 21 to Monday, March 26, 2018, as from 6:00am.

But as from 5:00 am this morning, cab drivers were circulating unperturbed. When this reported approached one of the drivers in Buea and asked him why he was plying the road on the day Government has restricted the movement of vehicles in the South West Region, the Cab driver, who opted for anonymity said: “it was an absurd decision from the Governor to order his SDOs to restrict movement of persons simply because of the Senatorial elections. You and I know that Senators are not voted by all of us, so why stop people from going about their daily businesses because a few individuals are voting?”

Going by the Cab driver, the restriction slammed by the administrators on vehicles is a joke in bad taste. “The Senators who are being voted today are looking for their daily bread if they eventually enter the Senate. So why should the Government stop us from looking for our daily bread? “

Another taxi driver who was busy transporting his passengers that morning said: “Is the Governor a pagan?  How does he expect Christians who don’t have cars to go to church? Is the Governor not aware that that today is Palm Sunday, where most Christians go to Church? Besides, why should taxi drivers not work in Buea when elections are done in Limbe?, we need to be reasonable, he stated.

The driver also asserted that Councillors who form the Electoral College have received huge sums of money from Senatorial hopefuls in exchange for their votes, “so the Government should allow us to work hard and earn our own living.”

Meanwhile, the various SDOs had stated in their respective Prefectural Orders that the restriction on the circulation of vehicles and motor cycles was to ensure that there was security before, during and after the March 25 elections.