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Buea Mayor excommunicates self from PCC, accuses Moderator of impersonation

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, has sworn never to step his feet into the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon…

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, has sworn never to step his feet into the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) again, accusing the Church of political mafia.

According to him, the PCC has become an epicentre of misdeeds and not longer hold its sanctity.

He accused the PCC Moderator, Rt. Rev Samuel Fonki Forba, for impersonating as an indigene of the South West Region just to ascend the coveted position of Moderator.

This, to the municipal authority, was in gross violation of the statutes of the PCC, which states that the two top officials of the Church (Moderator and Synod Clerk) must not come from the same Region.

Going by him, the Church Statutes stipulate that if the Moderator is from the North West Region, the Synod Clerk must come from the South West Region and vice versa.

But Ekema lashed out on Rev Fonki for deceiving PCC Christians that he was from South West Region, when he is indeed from the North West Region.

During the Bakweri Forum, which held at the Buea Council Chambers on Sunday, July 29, 2018, the former Faculty Officer of the Faculty of Education in the University of Buea vowed that his municipality will not host the recently convened Anglophone General Conference (AGC) initiated by the Emeritus Archbishop of Douala, Christian Cardinal Tumi and other Anglophone Clerics.

The Bakweri Forum was organised to discuss issues plaguing the Buea municipality in the heat of the Anglophone Crisis.

Mayor Ekema fumed that it was heartbreaking that a Bakweri Chief like Chief William Mbanda Njie of Lysoka was slaughtered like pig and his tribesmen were indifferent about it. He qualified the act as “sacrilegious”, warning the separatist forces, which he said carried the heinous act, and whom he said were still keeping other Bakweri Chiefs to release them within 24 hours or severe sanctions will be meted out on them.

“We cannot sit quiet or stay mute when such incidents are happening in our community. There are communities where to stretch out your hand to greet a chief is a sacrilege, but here, our chiefs are disrespected, abducted and even killed; enough is enough!” Ekema enthused

He warned that the Bakweri people will go on rampage if their Chiefs are not released by Tuesday, July 31.

He appealed to his tribes people to give him the mandate to execute his plan.

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