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Buea Mayor buckles up, drops fake certificates case against UB

Patrick Ekema Esunge, Mayor of Buea Council, seems to have buckled under the academic heavy weight of the University of…

Patrick Ekema Esunge, Mayor of Buea Council, seems to have buckled under the academic heavy weight of the University of Buea (UB) after he decided to end his legal acrimony against the citadel of learning and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Mayor Ekema had accosted the Fako High Court early last month, praying the court to halt UB’s drive to strip him of his academic honours.

In an April 16 ruling, the Buea High Court observed that there had been a serious breach of the right of the Mayor in that, the equitable principle of  ”Audi alteram” was never respected by the University of Buea in try to withdraw the Mayor’s certificates.

“At no time was the Mayor heard by the University of Buea…this is not only inequitable but also a breach of the natural rules of justice,” the Court had stated.

However, one month after (May 16), the municipal authority filed a Notice of Discontinuance, notifying the court of his intention not to continue his legal action against UB and the Ministry of Higher Education.

But before now, Barrister Eta Bisong Jr, Counsel for UB had filed a counter affidavit, requesting that the suit be heard by a collegial bench of three judges. He further asserted that the Buea High Court has no jurisdiction to entertain the Plaintiff’s claims. Such a case, he said, was within the jurisdiction of the Administrative and not the High Court.

Barrister Eta Bisong told the court that it was the substantive matter that has been called off and that there is a pending motion filed as suit No HCF/015/WOS/13/3M/2018, which sought that the matter be heard by a collegial bench.

On his part, the Counsel for the Plaintiff, Barrister Emmanuel Nkea, asserted that the Discontinuance Notice takes care of every other process in the file.

On his part, the presiding Magistrate in his ruling; asserted that if the Plaintiff has decided to discontinue the case before the hearing date, the proper thing to do will be to strike-out the case.

It would be recalled that the Mayor of Buea dragged UB to court, when news broke that the Senate of the institution was planning to revoke his certificates, after it was discovered that he used fake certificates to gain admission into the institution in which he obtained the First and Masters Degrees.

Many people are now waiting to see if UB will still strip Mayor Ekema of his academic credentials after he withdrew his suit against them.

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