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Buea Mayor under fire for alleged forgery

Students of the University of Buea have called for the immediate striping of  Buea Mayor's degrees following allegations that he…

Students of the University of Buea have called for the immediate striping of  Buea Mayor’s degrees following allegations that he got into the said university using fake certificates.

The heat on Mayor Partrick Ekema Esunge was prompted by an investigation carried out by Tambe Tiku, South West Human Rights Secretary. Earlier in a press statement, Tambe Tiku said he launched  the investigation to establish the veracity of social media allegations that the Mayor of Buea clandestinely entered the University of Buea with only a single passed grade in the GCE A-Level examination.

After the investigation, the human rights commission’s official revealed to the press that Mayor Ekema indeed did not pass the GCE Advanced level but got admitted into the university.

The revelation spurred outrage among Cameroonians causing many to denounce the act on various social media platforms. Meanwhile, UB students used the installation ceremony of the new team to head the institution on July 10, as an opportunity to demand that the Mayor’s Bachelor’s and Masters degree be withdrawn.

UB students protesting on campus
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Mayor Ekema’s fake certificate scandal has pushed many pundits to question the integrity of an institution like UB, which is known to have rejected, outright, applications for admission with even two ‘E’ Grades at the ‘A’ Level.

The fact that he got a Bachelor’s Degree  and a Masters Degree, in the same university many say, is telling of how meritocracy has been sacrificed for who knows who.

The mayor who was equally present on campus to welcome UB’s new administrative team is yet to make a statement.

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